Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romantic Love SMS Collection 2010

I hope,
when the sun shines
remove all of my nightmares ..
when I woke up,
waiting for someone coming true ..
and my right to say
good morning .. beb I love u..

I was not able your beautiful state rainbow,
I'm not the sun that always cleared the light for you,,
I'm just a little candle,
a right faithfully accompany your
in all your dark night,
met bobo ..

when I walk down the beautiful My imaginary space
I found you ..
but I can not touch you ..
momentary shadow disappear over time ..
tries to find you,,
but I can not .. I miss u..

It is the first time I remember when we wake up ..
is ..

I do not know what I rasain ..
What is the extent
Friends ..
friends ..
or want something more?
love ..
miss ..
and fear of losing ..
dwells in the recesses of his heart ..
who want something more meaningful ..

I learned made me a leaf of paper,
made me break my pen sticks,
I dropped into tears made me ink,
ago I wrote that ..
I love you ..

I know, I'm not the best ..
I would not be able to be as you want,,
and maybe love is not perfect ..
but I just wanted a beautiful you part of the story lines ..

said the miss was wonderful,,
but for me is torture,
when night comes
it feels like I write all the feelings,
in My dream
I was at a difficult crossroads I choose ..
I never feel like this..
I never love someone like my love to you..
this feeling make me crazy..
And I don't want to lose this feeling..
I hope this is forever..
I love U..

I think,,
What my feel same whith you feel,,
and I hope so..
But I'm Afraid,,
I don't want
but I want that feeling to..
I'm confuse whith my feeling..
I'm afraid fallin in love..

Im same with u beb,, Im afraid to..
but I can't do anithing for we,,
u must know,,
I love ubeb,,
I don't wanna lose u..

I was born.. to tell you "I love U"
waiting for you in here..
to hear u tell "I love U to"
good night beb..

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