Friday, February 11, 2011

Love & Loving Relationships are in everyone's life!

Hopefully, you will find this site VERY helpful in finding out about love, finding people to love, expressing love, and realizing the love you have in your life. That is the intention. is the result of my redirecting in a positive way my feelings for a girl who was my girlfriend after we broke up in 1998. I didn't understand the overwhelming feelings I had for her and so I did a search for the answer. Turned out it was "true love" and the information in the About Love area is the result of that search. Since then I have learned a lot about more about love and hope to share it with you.

See, I started the site on the very day that she broke up with me. What I learned about losing a loved one is in the Broken Hearts area. Romance & Relationships reflects information I collected for the future, and experiences from my past too. Loving Gifts area contains gifts I loved to give (and ones I do give to friends and my daughter). Plus, ones I would like to give. Dating & Finding Love is a good area to look at if you are in that stage.
The Love Q & A area is where you can ask questions and get answers from others on the site ... and I will answer when possible too. You can also join the Love Club and communicate with others who are interested in love. If you are single, maybe you will find a mate. If you are married, taked, or not looking you can join and find friends or people to talk to about a nice subject ... love.

* Almost ... if you close yourself to what love exists in your life ... then you won't have it.I tried to put in one place, the information and resources that I found through talking with psychotherapists (relationship counselors), college psychology courses, researching several books, searching the Internet, and other sources.

This site isn't about putting TONS of links to sites that may be useful. But, more about going through the process of weeding out the thousands of quotes, sites and resources and putting up just the most helpful. Some areas will change, others will remain the same, for some truths are simple and age old.

As for it being a ".com" site, that is more due to it being easier for people to remember, than any commercial purpose of the site. The purpose of is about helping people with understanding love, expressing love, and dealing with love. The other purpose is to honor a girl named Sayaka who inspired me.

Tell me what you think, positive and negative. The goal is to make this site a resource that is truly valued. (Your comments)Oh, for those who are concerned, I have moved on from the girl who inspired this site. I have a great daughter, family, friends, and pets that I love. Plus, I have found someone to love and things are going good. Always count those who love you and whom you love before you moan about what you don't have ... you might be surprised.

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